The world of Danish Design

NEW Men's watch with link strap and day/date display

A link strap radiates strength. This fits perfectly with the Akilia Day / Date models from Danish Design. This cool watch was already available wit...

NEW Akilia Link Medium women's watches in gold, two-tone or silver

Today's ultimate watch has a link strap. Introducing, the Akilia Link Medium. This watch has a polished stainless steel link strap, which is fitted...

NEW It’s easy being green: Akilia Mini Link with fashionable green dial

Last summer Danish Design introduced the Akilia Mini Link. This series was received with enthusiasm by everyone. One addition to this series is out...

NEW Julia watches in autumnal colors, inspired by Scandinavia

The designers at Danish Design got their inspiration for our latest additions to the Julia series from the new fall trend colors from - of course -...

The gift of giving - we love it!

Do you want to surprise someone with a special gift? You can send one of our watches to your loved one - we can even include a handwritten message! All watches are individually gift wrapped.

About Danish Design

Our story is unique, just like yours. And we’re thrilled about spending time with you. We love to express ourselves in freedom, we cherish purity and nature, we value harmony and design. The place in which all this comes together? Scandinavia. Launched in 1988, Danish Design has been around for a while but time hasn’t stood still; just like you, we have lived and closed unique chapters in life after which we started new ones. We have found our Harmony in Nature and Design; we have let it inspire us to become better, be sustainable and to be there for you whenever you seek us.

It is that what matters most to you and where you can really find your harmony.