When buying a new watch, you are probably comparing lots of features. Is the watch waterresistant, does it have a day/date function, does the watch come with a leather strap of with a mesh band? But when you are shopping for someone else, say when you are buying a watch as a gift for your significant other, wouldn't it be nice to get the same watch for yourself, but in a different size.... 

Large watch for him, small watch for her - or mix and match your own way

Most people will buy a fairly large watch for a man, and a smaller watch for a woman. But ofcourse you can determine your own style. We at Danish Design offer you lots of sizes in our watches. So choose your own and pick the other watch to match; it may be even a different color or size. Just choose what you like!

You can go for a large watch for him, and the same watch in size small for her. Or choose the medium size for both, but both in different colors; you can swap watches if you want. Isn't that great?

A beautiful gift for couples

Do you know a couple that is getting engaged? Or are they going to get married? Think of a couple of matching watches as a gift. 

Here you can see some of our Danish Design watches that you can "couple up". 

Tåge Blue Royal LargeTåge Blue Royal Small

Rhine Black Black Date Medium - Rhine Black Black Date Small

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