Akilia Stardust; put some sparkle in your life

Are you one of the lucky few? Danish Design developed this super limited edition version of the Akilia watch.

The Akilia Stardust is topped with a glitter sauce, so you can shine with this special gift. The inspiration for this exclusive watch literally came from heaven; the shimmering starry sky on a beautiful summer night, while you're staring into the great unknown, laying in the grass.

The glittering bracelet reflects this stargazing feel, with the occasional bright star calling for your attention. Subtle, but gorgeous! The dial of the Stardust is made of silver or gold and has a band of glitter in Pink or Bronze respectively. The watch has a circulation of 30 copies per color. The watch has been developed as a super limited edition and will only be a gift to our Danish Design VIPs and will soon be offered to a select group of DD fans through the website danishdesign.com.

Akilia Stardust Pink – only 30 copies
Akilia Stardust Bronze – only 30 copies