The ultimate gift for her: the Akilia Mini Swing

Do you want to suprise her with a apecial gift? Why not give her a new ladies watch, that is inspired by the small watch that your grandmother had. The Akilia Mini Swing is one of our youngest members of the Akilia famliy. And we are proud to show it to you.

The design of the Akilia Mini Swing is based on the little vintage watch that your grandmother wore. Small, delicate, a little gem on her wrist that you admired every time you saw it on her. But where in the old days you would wear the ladies watch solitair, these days you put a lot of arm candy with it. Jewellery, accessories, memories of holidays or festivals, combine everything together with your Akilia Mini Swing watch and you will have a complete arm party.

What makes this watch so special is that the strap is extra long. You can put it around your wrist twice, so it looks like a mesh bracelet. The mesh is also specially embossed, so it catches the light in a special way.

If you are still looking for the perfect gift for her, look no further. And order your Akilia Mini Swing today.... Available in color gold, silver or bi-color.