Titanium watches are a good choice. If you suffer from allergies, a titanium watch is the thing for you. Furthermore, titanium is lightweight and very strong.

At Danish Design we sell watches in stainless steel, but also in titanium. Why should you choose a titanium watch? We will try to explain to you why a titanium watch is a good choice.

1. Strenght
Titanium is really strong; the material is used in aircraft construction and is about  three times stronger than steel. 

2. Weight
Titanium is lightweight; when it comes down to comfort, you will probably prefer the lightweight material titanium.

3. Allergy
Allergies are getting more widespread; lots of people are allergic to nickel, which can lead to rashes and discomfort when wearing a watch. Titanium is naturally hypoallergic, because of the naturally occuring oxide layer that covers the metal. This layer not only stops titanium from rusting, but it keeps the metal from interaction with the human skin, which can cause the allergic reaction.

4. Look
If you like a more toned down look, titanium is the material for you. Stainless steel is used for more shiny items, titanium is more muted. Just a matter of taste...

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