Typical Danish is the word HYGGE. You probably heard of it before, since it is very trendy to talk about hygge. What is hygge and how can you use it in your own life?

Hygge is about spending time with family and friends. enjoying the good things in life together. The secret key is to enjoy the moment, just escaping your hectic life for just a second. And that's what we at Danish Design embrace. Take some time for yourself, being together with your loved ones, bring down the pace of your life and breath out. Hygge is a feeling, it's not really defined.  Make the most of the day by eating your favorite food and consuming the drink you love. It could be just a hot chocolate with whipped cream on top and a small piece of cake. 

Although the origin of hygge lies probably in the dark winter months of the year, you can get hygge the whole year around. Just go slow. Read the newspaper before your next appointment. Pay attention to the person you are sitting at the table with; leave your phone in your pocket, and try not to check your watch all the time. Just enjoy your time.


How to get more hygge into your life:

- Spend time with family and friends. Do not stress over what you have to cook for dinner; let everybody bring some food and enjoy.

- Burn candles! It is very hygge to light candles and dim the lights. Instant atmosphere.

- Dare to eat your favorite foods! Just eating a salad with cucumber is not very hygge, you need to enjoy every bite you take.

- Go outside! Invite your friends and family to walk in the woods, take the dog for a walk or just enjoy the changing seasons of nature.

- Make your home hygge by adding fluffy rugs, luscious pillows in soft and rich materials.

Por Jeroen Ahlers

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