Ode to the 80's: Nostalgi 1988, based on the first Danish Design watch ever, but completely contemporary!

The 80's are hot! In fashion you see shoulder pads and oversized jackets again, but you can also hear influences from the 80s in music, such as The Weeknd and Dua Lipa. Accessories are joining this trend just as hard – think scrunchies. The very latest Danish Design watch is also an ode to 1988 - the start of the brand 33 years ago. Then the very first model of this watch manufacturer appeared, which was the first brand to introduce Scandinavian-oriented watches. And with the new Nostalgi 1988, Danish Design celebrates its rich past. The 1988 model was updated to 2021 and reflects the zeitgeist of both the 80s and today. The new watch is very similar to the original model, but with a modern edge and the technology of today.

Self-confident and characterful
With the Nostalgi 1988 watch series, Danish Design focuses on the self-confident and characterful woman in 2021. She has a sense of style, but displays it in a modest way. Her camera goes everywhere with her and she shows her photos on Pinterest. Minimalism is her second nature; she enjoys beautiful things, which are original and have a special meaning for her. She chooses accessories with care, less is more. Colorblocking is totally her thing. She combines a designer blazer with trousers from a fast fashion chain.

Characteristic of these watches is the minimalist appearance – without fuss. The Nostalgi 1988 series gets the luxurious look through the self-tinting glass edge and a light sunray dial, which gives a subtle reflection. This makes the gold-coloured hands look even more beautiful. These features can also be found in the original design from 1988.
In 2021 the entire design has been updated and the gold-colored DD logo has been added on the dial and on the crown. That update has also been implemented at the band; there are models with a leather strap – just like in 1988 – but also with a trendy link strap, really 2021!

These watches belong to the Nostalgi 1988 series:
Black Gold IV11Q1288 with leather strap 
Burgundy Gold IV27Q1288 with leather strap 
Two-Tone Link IV95Q1288 with link strap 
Gold Black Link IV99Q1288 with link strap 
Gold Burgundy Link IV97Q1288 with link strap 
Midnight Blue Link IV98Q1288 with link band 

What else happened in 1988:
Nike launched the iconic slogan 'Just do it' * Bill Medley and Jennifer Warnes scored a hit with 'Time of my life', known from the movie Dirty Dancing * The Netherlands won the European Football Championship by beating Russia 2-0 * Eddie Murphy starred in the movie 'Coming to America' (with a sequel in 2021) * Designers Gianni Versace, Jil Sander and Jean Paul Gaultier were the trendsetters; in the Netherlands Mac & Maggie determined the street scene.