Cleaning your Danish Design watch
You can clean the front of your watch with a moist, soft cloth, like a microfiber cloth. Do not use soap. 
And although most of our watches are waterresistant, please remove your watch before you go swimming or bathing. Because of the differences in temperatures, there can occur some condensation on the inside of your watch. And that is bad for your clockwork.

Dont forget to clean the back of your watch regularly; you can use a toothpick to get out some dirt that has accumulated in the small brim.

Leather strap
A  leather watch strap is made of a natural material. It doen't need a lot of maintaince, if you wear it with some caution. Make sure you don't wear your watch 24/7. So if you go to sleep, remove your watch from your wrist. And if you take a shower or bath, also remove the watch, although the watches are waterresistant, the straps can suffer from the moist. So also don't wear your watch in the sauna, steambath or hamman.
In summertime, make sure not to wear your watch strap too tight. Because you sweat more in summertime, there can be a buildup of residue, which can cause irritation on your skin. Make sure your wrist band can 'breathe'....


Mesh strap
Your mesh strap doesn't need a lot of maintaince. Is your strap really dirty? Then you can take a toothbrush and use some soap and water. Then rinse your watch strap with some water (look out for the watch itself); and dry the whole thing with a soft cloth.