Gløbe collection

I am a modest person and like to create my own things; it’s a creative outlet and it contributes to my sustainable way of living. In everything I do, I try to be thoughtful. Luxury to me is having freedom to express myself. Purchases need to be long lasting, comfortable and produced fairly. My friends are worth a lot to me; they can always count on me to give my best. Sometimes I tend to forget myself in all the things I do for others. I find my foundation in knowing my friends can count on me and leaving this earth a better place, that’s why I find my harmony in consideration.

Pure collection

I don’t stand out in the crowd, but still people take an interest in me and I don’t mind. I know what I want and how, I take care of myself and take responsibility for my own doings. Our world ‘over the top’ and ‘extra’ enough, so I go with cherishing the smaller things. I want to be seen as the woman I am: there’s more to me than meets the eye. In my presence you will first meet the reserved person, but once you get to know me you will feel my harmony in independence and that’s my ultimate goal…

Shop online for Danish Design women's watches - timeless women's timepieces in the Pure collection. Stainless steel watches with marble plates, all Scandinavian design watches, in silver, gold or rosegold. Wrist watches inspired by Scandinavia.

The world of Danish Design

NEW: vegan watch by Danish Design

Vegan is the trend! Danish Design introduces a new vegan watch. The popular model Rhine has gotten a special watchstrap made of a special blend of linen and microfiber. This material feels very nice on your skin and is comfortable to wear.

Why choose a titanium watch

At Danish Design we sell watches in stainless steel, but also in titanium. Why should you choose a titanium watch? We will try to explain to you why a titanium watch is a good choice.

The ultimate gift for him: Akilia Day/Date Green Mesh

Is it time to think of the ultimate gift for him? What about a new watch? We are proud to present the Akilia Day/Date Green Mesh.

The ultimate gift for her: the Akilia Mini Swing

Do you want to suprise her with a apecial gift? Why not give her a new ladies watch, that is inspired by the small watch that your grandmother had. The Akilia Mini Swing is our youngest member of the Akilia famliy. And we are proud to show it to you.

About Danish Design

Our story is unique, just like yours. And we’re thrilled about spending time with you. We love to express ourselves in freedom, we cherish purity and nature, we value harmony and design. The place in which all this comes together? Scandinavia. Launched in 1988, Danish Design has been around for a while but time hasn’t stood still; just like you, we have lived and closed unique chapters in life after which we started new ones. We have found our Harmony in Nature and Design; we have let it inspire us to become better, be sustainable and to be there for you whenever you seek us.

It is that what matters most to you and where you can really find your harmony.