Husky Blue

AKILIA Day/Date, Medium and Mini

EYE CATCHERS they are, the Akilia watches from Danish Design with their intriguing dial in Husky Blue! You don't wear them unnoticed around your wrist. The wearer also doesn't quickly run out of conversation topics because who wouldn't be fascinated by the intense blue of Husky eyes?

Lapland, the entire Scandinavian area around the Arctic Circle, the habitat of the Sami. Here, the Arctic Huskies happily perform their duties as sled dogs. In winter, that is. The big question: how do they get those intensely blue eyes? The National Geographic, always a good source: "Scientists discovered that due to a mutation in a crucial gene, almost all pigment is absent in the eyes of a Husky. So, they don't have the blue-eye gene, but the blue is the reflection of the light that falls into them." Just as bright blue as the eye of a Husky, is the dial of the newest Danish Design Akilia watches. They come in three sizes: 22, 32, and 41 mm.

Visitors to Lapland in the summer don't have to miss the enthusiastic Huskies. Everywhere you'll find welcoming Husky kennels, where they are played with a lot. They need to be kept busy because if they get bored, they'll get up to mischief. So: take long walks through vast forests, meanwhile inhaling the delightful scent of pine. Or take rides with dog carts across the plains. Along herds of grazing reindeer, wild waterfalls, and unfathomably deep lakes, almost as blue as the Husky eye. Around June 21, Midsummer Night, the sun does not set at all. A beautiful occasion for bonfires and many enjoyable food and drink parties with friends. Being timeless, that's what they celebrate.

Akilia Day/Date Husky Blue: Mesh strap, case 41 mm

Akilia Day/Date Husky Blue: Link bracelet, case 41 mm

Akilia Mini Two-tone Husky Blue: DressLink bracelet, case 22 mm

Akilia Mini Gold Husky Blue: DressLink bracelet, case 22 mm

Akilia Mini Silver Husky Blue: DressLink bracelet, case 22 mm

Akilia Gold Husky Blue: DressLink bracelet, case 32 mm 

Akilia Two-tone Husky Blue: DressLink bracelet, case 32 mm