Pico from Danish Design: designed for design enthusiasts

The Pico watch is one of a kind - the off-center dial immediately catches the eye. This elegant and quirky watch is designed for all design enthusiasts.

The watch was designed with Pablo Picasso as a source of inspiration. He painted in a special way in his cubist period; he took everything he saw apart and put it back together, in an unexpected way. This watch was designed with that in mind. The “standard” symmetrical watch was disassembled and then reassembled, in an unexpected way, without any symmetry being involved. The outcome: a surprising result!
This watch is for anyone who dares to wear it and wants to stand out from the crowd. Design lovers are naturally drawn to this watch - because they don't like straightforward, symmetrical and simple. But striking and challenging, a real conversation piece.

Also pay attention to the watch strap, which is made of microfibre, which feels nice on your skin. This material is also vegan.
And for the true watch enthusiast: the crown is also mounted in a special position - not in the standard position (3 o'clock), but somewhere between 4 and 5 o'clock. Another playful element that really gives the Pico its own character - just like the works of Picasso.

The Pico series, part of the Frihed family, has recently been expanded with three new colors, in addition to the previous three versions. Last year Pico appeared with red, black and purple strap, all with silver colored case. Now the Pico comes in classic black with gold colored case, and two stylish versions with gray band - one with silver colored case and the other in anthracite PVD case in combination with gold accents.

Pico Black Gold - IV15Q1271, recommended retail price € 159,00
Pico Grey - IV14Q1271, recommended retail price € 149,00
Pico Grey Gold - IV16Q1271, recommended retail price € 159,00

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