Since 1988.

Our story is unique, just like yours. And we’re thrilled about spending time with you. We love to express ourselves in freedom, we cherish purity and nature, we value harmony and design. The place in which all this comes together? Scandinavia.

Launched in 1988 as the first watch brand in the world solely focused on minimalistic designed watches inspired by Scandinavia, Danish Design has been around for a while. But time hasn’t stood still; just like you, we have lived and closed unique chapters in life after which we started new ones. We have found our Harmony in Nature and Design; we have let it inspire us to become better, be sustainable and to be there for you whenever you seek us.

It is that what matters most to you and where you can really find your harmony.

Inspired by unique lessons in life, of lessons learned and to come, we create watches that are real and pure. Just like the most memorable people you have met and will meet throughout life. Our watches offer you a form of luxury, one that's at the tip of your fingers but can never be defined. Because whether it’s in the middle of the city or deep into the wilderness: it’s yours.