NEW It’s easy being green: Akilia Mini Link with fashionable green dial
Last summer Danish Design introduced the Akilia Mini Link. This series was received with enthusiasm by everyone. One addition to this series is out now: the Akilia Mini Link Two-Tone Gold Green with a beautiful green dial and two-tone strap. It's easy being green.

This model Akilia Mini Link Two-Tone Gold Green fits perfectly with your modern lifestyle. You can easily combine the deep green with all fashion colors of the moment and the sparkle of both silver and gold make the watch a very wearable accessory for any moment.

Trendy and classic at the same time
Link straps are the trend at the moment. Trendy and classic at the same time. The Mini Link watches are made of stainless steel and feature a polished link strap, equipped with a quick release system. This makes it easy to change the strap, for example with the narrow mesh strap of the Akilia Mini or the double strap of the Aklia Mini Swing, which you can wrap around your wrist twice because it is extra long. This way you can wear your watch throughout the year.
The case of the Mini watch is only 22 mm wide. A refined model for a lady with class.