Oval diagonal: Ellipse watch by Danish Design
A watch that gives you an optical illusion. Danish Design manages to release an iconic model, one of the newest parts of the Frihed collection. The design of the watch is inspired by the artist Miró, famous for his paintings with abstract shapes that seem to float playfully within the composition.

Oval diagonal
The design of this watch is based on an iconic shape in mathematics, the ellipse. You see this form more often, but not in the way Danish Design applies it. The specially designed oval watch case is placed diagonally on the leather strap, but the markers are right on the sunburst dial. An optical illusion is the result. If you like a striking watch, this is the watch for you.

Three versions
The Ellipse is available in three versions: gray, red and blue. The gray version has a gray-silver dial with gray hands, very easy on your eyes. The blue version has white hands and a deep blue dial - a beauty! The red Ellipse has a black dial with red hands. All cases are silver and the watches are splash proof. The recommended retail price of this watch is € 159.00